About Mukta Cholette

Mukta Cholette got her first break at age 11 performing at the Monument National in the play Matrochka, directed by Guillaume De Fontenay and starring Réal Bossé in Montréal, Canada.


She graduated from FACE, a fine arts school in Montreal, and got her Theater degree at Cegep de St-Hyacinthe). She studied miming techniques in New York and improv in Hollywood.

Mukta had been working in the Voice Over industry for over 12 years and is the official French Canadian voice of many renowned brands.

She recently starred in an UberEats commercial and can been seen hosting the series BRAND USA about American tourism.

Mukta is also an adaptor for Netflix series (credits include The Hookup Plan, Boy Toy, The Trial, Blackspot and more).


Other Fun Projects

2FH is a French Canadian series that follows the adventures of Mukta et Sergine, two Quebecers living in Hollywood, desperatly trying to live the "Hollywood Dream".

Martial Arts

Mukta Cholette proudly received her second degree Black Belt in 2019. She applies the discipline and focus gained from years of training to each project.

The fighting scene above was filmed years ago, when she was still a beginner, but it's still fun to watch. ;)